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Sharkskinz would love to hear how you feel about our bodywork. We will post it on this page to share with our customers. Thank you for putting your trust into the best quality and fitting bodywork out there.


I purchased a set of Sharkskinz for my 09 ZX6r simply because they are known to be the best and they truly are.  Fitment is dead on, material used is not thin and flimsy but thick and sturdy.  I have been told that they hold up very well when crashed which is a ++because those cheaper made ones will shatter into pieces.
A lot of other bodywork requires you to fit them and drill holes but these came ready to bolt up with the holes drilled and fasteners already in place.  The bodywork is already primered and ready for paint which saves you some time and money there. I have to say that this bodywork is a mere mimic of the OEM bodywork and you will not find another product that fits this well.
As I always tell people "Spend your money right and spend it once instead of buying the cheaper stuff to later end up buying the best!"  It just ends up costing you more so bite the bullet once and spend it right. They say dont believe the hype but believe the hype on this one!!

I ordered a set of your body work this year for my track bike, the fit
was fantastic, and they painted up really well too. Although I didn't
just buy Sharkskinz for the fit and finish, I bought them because I
heard they where tough. I got to test that this weekend, I high sided
coming out of a turn, destroyed my front rim, ripped frame sliders off,
broke bars, the whole nine yards. Bodywork? fully intact. There are
holes where it ground through from sliding, but no cracks, no missing
pieces. Absolutely amazing.  Most other bodywork would have been torn
off and shredded to pieces. I've recommended  Sharkskinz to people in
the past, and after seeing what kind of abuse they took, I know I sold
more than one person on them. Thanks for making such awesome bodywork!

-Rob D


    I am very interested in working with Sharkskinz for the remainder of the 2010 AFM Roadracing season and beyond.  I currently run your product on my 2004 Aprilia RSV Factory, and it has held up (and crashed, more times than I care to admit) wonderfully.  I couldn't be happier and would love to list you guys - and gals - as a sponsor for the remainder of this season.  This is my novice year, but I'm making good progress and look forward to working with you all and spreading the word about your nearly indestructible products!
    I have attached my resume for your review.  I understand that this submission is outside of your general timeframes for consideration of rider support.  I have just recently made the jump to racing with the AFM, however, and would love to start my 2010 campaign with you all.
Thank you for your consideration.  I've also attached a picture of me using your fantastic product!
Matthew Randle.  AFM # 856.
Matthew M. Randle 


  Hi folks, I just got off the phone with you after special ordering a set of race bodywork for my Ducati Supersport. Thank you again for being so responsive and personal in your dealing with my special request. I thought you might be interested in seeing the bike that will be using the new side panels you are sending me,  The bike is extensively modified by me and a friend. Winters are long up here in Vermont, and we try to beat the boredom by trying to improve our equipment. It weighs 320 lbs with gas weighed on Nascar scales at the track, inpart due to your excellent bodywork.

Thanks again,
 Bob Vondle

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I have put an endorsement page for Sharkskinz on my team website:

I have always been very happy with the products you sell and your excellent customer service.


Here is a link to our CBR600 Project Bike that you provided bodywork for. We had some issues with the bike that prolonged the article so I apologize for the delay. We have a couple more episodes that will be released as well so there will be a bit more exposure over the holiday season.

I appreciate the help on this and hope the presentation meets your approval. The painters were really impressed with Sharkskinz and they claim that they will push people to get that bodywork when they come asking for paintwork to be done on future sportbike jobs. I thought that was cool of them. 


Ken Hutchison
VP, 12-02-09




The tank cover and fasteners came in today, completing my order for my CBR. 
Quality is top notch as expected. Thank you for the quick turnaround and great 

--Zach 9/15/09

Lewis, 8/31/09
First time buyer and was very impressed with the product, fit very well and 
looks great!!

 Thanks Mary! Just wanted to let you guys know what a great fit all of our 2009 
Kawasaki bodywork was! By far the best product I've installed and used, even 
painted. We had trouble matching Kawasaki green so we went all black!

Hats off to a great product and even greater service!

George Budacki, president
Turn 2 Sportbike School 8/28/09

Thank you for the great service. I, am very impressed with the quality of the parts. they are better than oem.

Michael Vandieren :


Awesome Ruck box

I saw one of these boxes on a Ruckus belonging to the factory Honda AMA team a few years ago and had to ask a few people before finding out they were made by Sharkskinz.  Obviously, being a Sharkskinz product, this box is top notch quality.  That just goes without saying.  The finish is typical Sharkskinz flawless and the fit is perfect.  I bought a white painted box for my white Ruckus and it looks GREAT!  Props to Sharkskinz yet again for such a great product.


Shaun Wright Phillips  Britain  8/6/2009

Very fast delivery and well packaged. The Upper is just amazing, took me two days to tweak it for my custom VFR400 NC30, but in the end it worked out just as I had imagined. Nice one SS


Picked up your race fairing set for my 2007 MV Agusta F4-1000 and just wanted to say what an absolute pleasure it was installing and using your stuff. Fits perfect right out of the box, clean factory looking pieces all come together with ease and the provisions made for the fitment of all the hardware really make things a hell of a lot easier to work with. Congrats. Great stuff guys.
Paul K.5/12/09

I just ordered a set of your racing plastics for my track R6.  I love em, great fit, great quality. 
I was wanting to put a couple Sharkskinz  racing decals on the side of my race bike. 
Is there anyway you could drop a couple small decals in the mail for me? 

Bill Moore 


    Your product lives up to it description to being so flexible.  In my opinion, sharkskinz is the only way to go.  Even on a not so common bike like my 2004 Triumph Daytona 600, the fit was great.  I will only buy, and only recommend to anybody that will listen, sharkskinz in the future.  Also,  I am in the process of repainting my bodywork and was wondering if it is possible to get a couple of sets of replacement sharkskinz decals.  I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you,
Josh Minnard



     Hello. I bought body work form you a few months ago and wanted to send you a photo of the completed job. This is a photo from Summit Point Raceway in WV. I would be truly honored to have this picture posted on your webpage for future customers to see what a great fitment and what a a little bit of paint can do on your bodywork. Please let me know if you can post and will post this picture. Thanks a lot and again thanks for such great customer service and keep up the great work..
James Chaplin


     About 2 years ago, I purchased a set of street bodywork for the 1999  
R1 project that I was doing at the time, including the R71 street  
tail that uses the R6 LED tail lights. I was very pleased with  
the quality and fit of the bodywork.
Here are some pictures of the bike, any of which you can feel free to  
use if you want to show off your products in action.  Thanks for the  
great bodywork! As I knew when I ordered it, I did have to modify the rear  
subframe to fit this.

TE Motorworks, Inc.
Post Industrial Laboratory 4/28/08

       A little over a year ago my son hit a ditch and  re-arranged the front end of my 1997 Ducati 900 SS/CR which necessitated a new front fairing, among other things. There was no injury to him, thank God.

My buddies suggested a number of brands, but I took the simplest route and chose the Sharkskinz one piece street fairing rather than the heavy and expensive O.E.M. three piece unit. We used to live in Melbourne, FL and I can remember seeing and hearing about Sharkskinz quality from local folks.
The fairing was ordered through a local dealer in Tennessee as I had a gift certificate with them and they made the comment about how nice the people at Sharkskinz were to deal with. 
I cannot believe how light and strong that this fairing is! I test fitted it to the bike and it fit perfectly. My body shop guy also went on about how easy it was to paint and clearcoat. The bike looks better now than it ever has.
Accept no substitutes! This is a great product backed up with great service.
John Carruth
Medina, TN  4/4/08

Sharkskinz, thank you again for making the best racing bodywork there is. I just installed your product on my 2007 Kawasaki ZX6R. Once again the fit and finish is right where it should be "Perfect". Installation was fast and easy, and they look great with a fresh paint job. I have been installing your product since 2001 on every kind of racebike there is. I never have a problem with your bodywork, which is more than I can say for your competition, whose bodywork I have installed for other people. One more thing, whenever I am at the track people often look at the bike and think the bodywork is Factory, I just tell them "No, those are Aftermarket Bodywork" and they always say the same thing "WOW !! they look stock" and I answer them  " That's because they are Sharkskinz, The Best".  Sharkskinz Thank you.

Houston, TX  4/1/08


       I received the package a couple days ago. Please pass the word on to your colleagues that I am absolutely impressed with this stuff !! It surpassed my expectations by a long shot. There is no comparison between your product and the current junk I have fitted to my bike. I haven't fitted your kit yet but I'm sure I wont be disappointed. Again, many thanks to you and everyone else at Sharkskinz. Feel free to use my testimony publicly.
 John C. 3/26/08


     I had been looking for about 3 months when I decided to buy from Sharkskinz, and not only did they paint easy,
but the fit was fantastic.  I would highly recommend buying these for the track or street!

Chris VA 3/23/08


          Sharkskinz is the best! Hands down! The body fitment perfect. These people should make the oem factory plastic for all the bikes on the market. Customer service is top notch and no one can beat it! They have fast shipping, the body is paintable right out of the box! DO NOT I repeat DO NOT settle for anything less! There are a lot of other companies that make bodywork out there but they are horrible. There fitment is horrible, they need a lot of more sanding, prepping, cutting and the list goes on. Sharkskinz is a 4 step process.... Order them, wait on them to arrive, mount them up in about 20 mins, have someone paint them and off to the track ya go! It does not get any better than that! I have seen a lot of knock off's {as i call them} and let me tell you something. They look horrible and god forbid if you have an accident... They are destroyed. I have actually seen a lot of sharkskinz go threw hell and still with just a little glass work, turn out as good as new! The bottom line is Sharkskinz is the only way to go and if ya don't..... well YOU LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks to all the people at Sharkskinz for going the extra mile and a half ! I'll Be Back!!   JC Chaplin Maryland

J.C. Chaplin
Cytec Engineered Materials
Havre de Grace Md, 21078 
Research and Development Lab     3/1/08


      I currently Have a set of your race plastics for my race bike and appreciate the great fit and quality of the plastics.   I will be racing in WERA and WSMC this year and I would like to have a set of sticker for my race bike.   Do you have a set that you could send me?
Joshua Alexander        2/28/08

       I just received a set of your bodywork for our 08' R6 and I would like to say that it is by far the best body work that I have ever used. You sent it out to Parts 411 who is one of our sponsors along with help from Graves. This is my 16 yr. old grand sons second season on an R6 and our first set of Sharkskinz as we had two 07 bikes last year and used another brand and I can tell you there is no comparison. 
Again I would like to say, "excellent workmanship".
Joe Hamilton
Scott Gilbert WERA #119 and AFM # 209   2/13/08


       Aaron's bike was a great testimonial to the quality of the Sharkskinz bodies. He was hit by Hacking, which broke the carbon fiber tail section mounting brackets, but the bodywork stayed in tact. Yates picked it back up, ran through the pack to 11th place. Nobody could believe that there wasn't more damage to the bodywork, nor that Aaron rode the bike in it's condition.
Thanks for your continued support.

         Ken Abbott GM - Michael Jordan Motorsports Suzuki 03/16/07

       The only thing I can say about Sharkskinz is that they are the Best, The fit and finish is what it's all about. I started with a set of Sharkskinz for a 01 ZX6R back in Nov 2001, I have put on a least 10 sets since then for friends or myself, I have installed other manufacturers bodywork for friends and had a great deal of trouble with them, the fit and finish wasn't there. My friends would ask "how come you don't have this trouble with your bodywork" I would simply answer "Mine are Sharkskinz" the next time they needed bodywork they got Sharkskinz. Prepping a bike for race is hard enough, If you got the skinz ,the body work is easy, if not good luck. I sent you a pic see for yourself

          Thanks, Steve
          Houston ,Tx

       I've been using Sharkskinz bodywork since I've started road racing and when it all began, I looked only to Sharkskinz. I feel that Sharkskinz looks the best on most bikes, fits the best, and is made the best. The service is great as well. I had a question concerning one of my lowers so I signed online and found a Sharkskinz rep. to chat with about the issue...this was around 9pm on the weekend. Great service. I greatly appreciate being part of their rider support program. Sharkskinz is truly in a league of their own. Keep up the good work.

         Chris Hardin

        Hi, I just wanted you to see the finished pics of my 02 GSXR 1000, using your street upper & race lower after painting. It turned out great! Fit perfect! No problems at all & is much stronger than the original plastics. Thanks again & I'll be using your product again on my 01 Hayabusa. Thanks Again!

          Shannon Stayton Alvin, Tx. 11/28/06

       Wow your team of professionals must be a pleasure to work around. I've ordered numerous sets. For multiple bikes and unfortunate events. From answering the phone to building and delivering. "The service is Awesome" I have to tell a short story. I had a little fire "Hot". Anyway we all know things happen when you put The body work through"H L", which we all do. I called explained my situation. I had issues with three lowers. I called to have them repaired, They made a decision based on the body works condition. They sent 3 new lowers. Lets just say "They definitely took care of me" I'm a support rider on a minimal budget as many of you are. This was fantastic news. I run a business and it's how you deal with situations when they come up that separates the successful from the not so. To make a short story long"SHARKSKINZ" is a well rounded company. Not only Having the best fitting , best looking bodywork they are also a class act.

         Spencer AFM, AMA, CCS, WERA, ASRA, #224 10/11/06

       Just wanted to say thanks! Ordered an upper and a lower for my 05 636 on a Tuesday and received them on Friday. Super fast and better quality and fit than I ever imagined. I was teetering back and forth between Sharkskinz and a competitor but I'm very happy I bought from you. Thanks again, another lifetime Sharkskinz customer

         Robert O'Rielly 10/2/06

       I am a Triumph dealer in Altoona, WI. When searching for bodywork for the new Daytona 675 your name was the only name that came up. I ordered 2 sets right away. They both arrived within 4 weeks! They look and fit fantastic! I am very pleased with the quality and fit. They took paint with minimal prep work. I would recommend your product to anyone. Again thank you!

        Sport Rider Inc.

I received my bodywork on Friday the 20/01/06. I would like to say thank you for the quick service and quality product that your company provided, my painter and local Suzuki dealer are very impressed with the finish and 
workmanship of the bodywork. I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to fellow members of the Motorcycle Racing Club of W.A.

Colin Rose
Perth, Western Australia

Sharkskinz employees,
       Thank you for a great product. I love the quality and how well it fits to the bike. I just wanted to let you know that I laid my bike down and the body work took only minimal damage. the crash actually broke my sub-frame and the tail survived. Great stuff thanks I need a full quote for an 04 R6, race body, using stock seat, and the draft shield as applicable. 
P.S. Received the last set for my 04 and 02, Please convey to Dave, his work is the best I've seen period. I've been showing off the stuff to all my racer buddies, especially the way the 04 race bodywork fits. the best ever.

          Thank you, Scott 7/6/04

       I just got my Sharkskinz belly pan for my 98' vtr1000, I would just like to say, WOW. The overall quality of your product is un-touched by any company I have dealt with, and I have seen a lot. Perfect fit, top quality, primer is even flawless, which save a lot of prep time/money. I would just like to say thanks for producing a top quality piece, when so many others are happy enough to produce less than average work. 
You're work will continue to be on every bike I own from here on out. Thanks

Joe Steine 7/1/04

      I purchased a set of skinz for my 748 back in Feb. I thought you might like to see a few pics after painting. Once again, you have a great product and I will be buying a full set for my 600rr. Thanks.

         Edward Hildreth

      Dear Employees of Sharkskinz, 4/07/04
I would like to say that your craftsmanship is outstanding and I will recommend your services to my biker buddies and I will be sure to use your services in the future on my other bikes.
      Thanks again,
      Ken Arnold
          Hi Dave and all Sharkskinz Staff. 3/08/04
Thank you for all the help in making this years Daytona a huge success for Yamaha. We have not won the 600 race for over 10 years and the 1000cc supersport win was just an added bonus.

         Steve YMUS

       I recently purchased a full set of bodywork for my Ducati 748. The first thing I noticed is they are really light! The weight is right on par with carbon fiber, but cost a hell of a lot less!! I was super happy that they came pre-drilled. It made the test fitting go that much faster. The fit and finish is very good for the price. I know my painter is stoked that I chose them. My only problem is I am lacking the screens that go into the tail vents. Do you know where I can get them. IF you could help me with the screens that would be great. Let me restate that your product is by far the ONLY Substitute for OEM street bodywork and it is almost to nice for the racetrack. I look forward to doing business with you again. Thank you for your time,

         Edward Hildreth